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Richard Raymond Filmmaker Hoffman PodcastIn the Fall of 2022, Richard Raymond, British Filmmaker, graduated from the Hoffman Process. Yes, Richard is a filmmaker, but as you’ll discover listening to this conversation with Liz, Richard is a masterful storyteller.  and boy does he have stories to tell.

From a very young age, films enthralled Richard. When he realized he wanted to be involved in making films, he took action. To that end, he made his own introduction to the world of filmmaking. Then, as he followed his heart’s vision, he learned from amazing actors, directors, and other filmmaking artists (see some listed below). Eventually, his vision led him to Australia and then America.

Two main threads weave this conversation together. The threads are finding where we belong and learning to trust one’s creative voice enough to give it free rein. Through his rich storytelling, Richard takes us along on his journey of finding belonging from childhood to those seven days at the Process. Eventually, at the end of this conversation, you’ll hear the wisdom of belonging Richard has discovered. You’ll also hear how he came to trust in himself and his voice as an artist through the deep work of the Process. This was one of the biggest gifts and takeaways from Richard’s week at the Hoffman Process.

More about Richard Raymond:

Richard Raymond Filmmaker Hoffman PodcastRichard Raymond is a British filmmaker known for his visually striking and emotionally impactful works. Born and raised in London, to a Jewish Indian family, Raymond developed a love for film from a young age and began making his own short films at the age of 15.

In 2015, he made his feature film debut with “Desert Dancer,” starring Freida Pinto, a biographical drama about the Iranian dancer Afshin Ghaffarian, which premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and received critical acclaim. Raymond’s follow-up film, “Souls of Totality”, was released in 2018 and starred Tatiana Maslany. It was the first film in history to be shot during a real solar eclipse. The film won awards at 12 International Film Festivals and was long-listed for the Oscar. In 2020, Raymond directed “A Million Eyes”, which was released to widespread praise for its thought-provoking and visually stunning portrayal of a young gifted photographer.

As a filmmaker, Raymond is not only dedicated to his craft but also to giving back to the community. Through organizations such as YoungArts, he is a fierce advocate for arts education for young people in underprivileged areas and has taken on the role of mentor to many young artists who may not have had access to guidance and support otherwise. Additionally, Raymond has made a significant impact in the autism community through the creation of the Celebrity Chef Gala for Autism Speaks. Over the past 15 years, this event has raised $16 million to support its efforts to provide solutions for individuals with autism and their families throughout all stages of life.

Richard Raymond resides in Malibu with his better half, Nousha, and their two children, Rumi and Bodhi. Learn more about Richard and his work here. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

As mentioned in this episode:

Bhagdadi Jews:
“The former communities of Jewish migrants and their descendants from Baghdad and elsewhere in the Middle East are traditionally called Baghdadi Jews or Iraqi Jews. They settled primarily in the ports and along the trade routes around the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.” Wikipedia

Bombay/Mumbai, India

Hertfordshire Countryside

Pinewood Film StudiosShepperton Studios – London, England
Fox Studios Australia /now Disney Studios Australia

Sundance Film Festival

Paravision Film Equipment

Akram Kahn, Choreographer

Hoffman Part 2:
Toward the end of this conversation, Richard mentions  that he is looking forward to doing “Part Two.” The next step for Hoffman graduates is to do the Hoffman Q2 Intensive- Beyond Mom and Dad, a three-day retreat that takes you beyond the Mom and Dad patterns and into a deeper vision for your life. The Q2 is also offered in a virtual format.

Hoffman terminology:

Awareness Hell:
In awareness hell, we know we are aware of our patterns and the things we do we wish we didn’t do, but we are still unable to change. We understand but feel stuck in this place of hell even though our awareness keeps expanding.  To get out of awareness hell, our work to grow and transform must include three additional steps for change to take place. These three steps are Expression, Compassion, and New Ways of Being. All four make up the Cycle of Transformation.

Actors, Directors, and movies Richard has worked with:

Blake Edwards (Pink Panther Movies)
Roberto Benigni (Son of the Pink Panther, Life is Beautiful)
Dick Pope, Director of Photography
Neil Jordan, Interview With the Vampire
Agnieszka Holland, The Secret Garden
Derby (Luc) Besson, The Fifth Element
Anthony Hopkins, Richard Attenborough, Shadowlands
James Cameron
Richard Donner, Superman Movies
Tim Burton, Batman
Tom Harvey
Benedict Cumberbatch
Evan Rachel Wood

Things in Richard’s USA Box:

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum
MC Hammer Stickers
Vanilla Ice