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Erik LarsonEighteen years ago, faced with a painful change coming in his life, Erik Larson knew it was time for change within himself. He came to the Hoffman Process. Eight days later, upon his return home, he told his two small children he had been at Better Daddy School. He told them things were going to be different. From that day forward, they were because he had changed. This was the beginning of his new life, a life Erik now deeply loves.

In this conversation, Erik and Drew go deep into the transformation that is possible through the work of the Process. Erik takes us through his experience of taking a painful moment of his life and using it to do the work to become the man, father, and businessman he knew in his heart he could be.

Erik speaks about two pivotal moments of his Process. The first was when a few of his fellow Process mates offered reflections on what they saw when they looked at him. He had seen a similar image when looking at himself and wanted to change it, but did not know how. It was then that something amazing happened, something he could not explain but knew was profound.  The other pivotal moment was during a heart-to-heart exercise. Suddenly, his confusion and feelings of ‘not getting it’ disappeared and he began to Erik apply himself completely to the work.

Hundreds of people found their way to the Hoffman Process through Erik’s recommendation and how he speaks of the change that is possible. Life is a process of coming back to the Right Road again and again, and as for each of us, Erik’s is no exception. He speaks of his life, including the hard parts, with honesty, gratitude, and love.

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Erik and Drew.

More about Erik Larson:

Erik grew up in the Pacific Northwest where he learned to love the outdoors. After graduating from the business school at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, he moved to San Francisco where he began his first career with Ernst & Young.  He raced Sailboats on a national champion yacht for 5 years before relocating to Aspen, Colorado for the next 27 years.  Erik became a partner in a firm in Aspen. He was married and has two magnificent children who are thriving in university life in Sydney, Australia where Erik lives part of the year.

Erik loves to be an inspiration and motivating force for people to become the best they can be.  His tagline at Aspen CrossFit was “Igniting Human Potential” and Erik did just that for thousands of people along the way.
Now, Erik is in the process of figuring out what his next chapter in life holds.  He is obsessed with photography and is self-taught. Take a look at Erik’s photography on Instagram to see what he has accomplished. Erik’s favorite mantra is “I LOVE MY LIFE!!! And it certainly is evident.

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