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Johanina Wikoff, M.A., PhD Hoffman PodcastJohanina Wikoff, PhD, sits down with Drew for a conversation about consciousness, the Hoffman Process, psychedelics, relationships, and deep inner healing.

As someone who has always been “drawn to explore the mysteries of life,” Johanina began exploring psychedelics when she was a teen and in college. She lived off-grid in deep nature and homesteaded while raising her children. Eventually, she was called to return to school for graduate studies, earning her PhD and becoming a therapist and educator. During these years through her practice, and for decades with clients, Johanina has explored the mystery and terrain of the inner world.

Although she’d known about it for decades before going, Johanina attended the Process in 2010. She found the Hoffman Process to be deeply healing. As she shares, “The Process is a brilliant way to embody what was lost in a way that is deeply healing…When we are able to feel the full range, the depths, the heights, the full – the whole catastrophe of our emotional life then we’re not owned by denying, our energy isn’t tied up in pushing away or clinging sentimentally to it. … It’s all part of life and so are we.

Johanina has a mantra she follows and shares with those she works with. “Be open, interested, and curious.” It’s a good mantra, especially as we open to new territory, whether in our lives or our inner world explorations. Many of our guests say this way of being helped them get the most out of their Process experience. We hope you enjoy this deep conversation with Johanina and Drew

More about Johanina Wikoff:

Johanina Wikoff, M.A., PhD is a therapist and educator. She has been working in the areas of body-mind healing, couples therapy, consciousness studies, and the therapeutic use of psychedelics since 1979.

With her husband, Andy Milberg, a senior Hoffman Process teacher and coach, she created Dare To Love Again, a body of evolving relationship work. Discover more about Johanina and Dare to Love Again here.

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