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Roxy Hayde, Hoffman teacher and member of the Hoffman UK team, is our guest today. She came to the Hoffman Process after a lifetime of trying to hold it all together behind a deeply defended heart.

At a very young age, Roxy knew that to feel safe she would have to learn how to control everything and everyone around her and not let herself feel vulnerable. Through the Process, she dropped into a very soft place and came to parent herself in a way she’d never known. Roxy and her emotional child have fostered a beautiful relationship. She tells Drew how her inner child is often present with her when she teaches the Process.

Roxy describes her deep fear of vulnerability and how she hid herself behind the archetype of a strong, successful woman. That kept her from having real connections with the people in her life. Now, she connects deeply with people and also connects people in marriage as a wedding celebrant. Roxy is a celebrant who celebrates love with an open, vulnerable, radiant heart.

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Roxy and Drew.

More about Roxy Hayde:

Roxy Hayde Hoffman PodcastRoxy joined the Hoffman UK team in 2018 and is now a supervising Hoffman Teacher. After completing the Hoffman Process in 2014, she became deeply passionate about it and its transformative effects. Roxy has completed numerous courses and trainings that inform her work with clients and groups.

When not teaching in a Process, she coaches, trains teachers, and is a Humanist Wedding Celebrant (non-religious officiant) in the UK and abroad. A lover of all things ritual, she creates bespoke, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies for couples.

In her downtime, she loves traveling and beach walks with her dogs in Brighton, England, where she now lives after nearly two decades in London – much of which was spent working in the music industry.

Discover more about Roxy here and follow her on Instagram.

As mentioned in this episode:

Liverpool, England
•  Toxteth riots, 1981

Margaret Thatcher

Shame statements at the Process referenced by Roxy:
During the Hoffman Process shame is explored as a false identity, an unconscious or subconscious belief about oneself. Shame is part of the human experience.


The archetype of a Strong Independent Woman.

Enneagram – type 7

Treacle – “any uncrystallized syrup made during the refining of sugar.”

Regent’s Park

Jelly Babies

Care Bears

Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng


Dark Side – Dealing with your Dark Side.

Florence House

Joseph Campbell
The Hero’s Journey
Dark Night of the Soul