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AWA: Awareness, Will, Action – Dealing With Your Dark Side

By Hilary Illick


When dealing with your dark side, remember this simple acronym: AWA = Awareness, Will, Action.

Your dark side is an energy system that is programmed with all your patterns. This energy system is what pulls you onto your Left Road, the habitual road of your negative patterns and self-destructive behavior, the road of negative drama and “stuckness”.


Action signals that you are taking back your power from your dark side. It signals empowered choice – you’re choosing to live from your Spiritual Self. Action signals, “I am taking back my power, I am switching out of my negative default operating system and moving into free-will choice.”

Awareness shines the light of your consciousness onto what’s happening, ultimately giving you back your power to yourself –to make choices, to enlist your will, and to take action. The dark side is like a back-up operating system that takes over. This happens so automatically and feels so familiar that you often don’t realize you’ve switched to a system that sabotages your wellbeing. Even just asking, “Could this be my dark side?” opens the door to the possibility that there is another way, another perspective or reality available to you. In this moment, you may have a flash of the Right Road, the road traversed when your Spiritual Self is leading your life.

Will involves choosing your Spiritual Self over your Dark Side, the will to choose behaviors that serve your vision, and the will to change your thought process. You can feel will in your body. Some people report it as a stirring in their heart, or a sense of energy streaming in their legs or belly. However you connect with your own will, you know when you feel it in your body. Step two is acknowledging the energy system of your Dark Side and igniting the will to do something about it.

So, go ahead, make a loud roar, turn on your music and dance in the name of freedom. Write your dark side messages on a piece of paper and then tear up the paper!


Dark side messages are not the truth. They are patterned thoughts. You can find your way back to your Spiritual Self, back to the part of you that is 100 percent devoted to your wellbeing, that walks you down your Right Road of life.


To get back on your Right Road of life, enter here…

Download a Dark Side visualization.

Explore the Left Road/Right Road here.

Visit our Hoffman practices page to explore more tools and practices to help you with Awareness, Will, Action.


  • Christine


    10/28/19 at 11:34 AM

    I finished the process 4 years ago and still use the tools. With the support of my local hoffman group that meets i am on a 90 day quest to bash my dark side messages daily and offer loving support to myself and those who gave me their patterns. I continue to be amazed each day on how my energy shifts and the support around me grows.
    Sending love and light

  • Cate Hawthorne


    10/28/19 at 6:59 AM

    I finished the process 6 month ago! I use the tools and keep connect with my small group, we share… I realize that the week at Hoffman is only the tip of the iceberg, I am becoming more aware of dark side patterns that I did not think were dark side . Only by asking myself, Why am I doing this? What am I doing?

    • Julie Daley


      10/28/19 at 11:13 AM

      Catherine, How great you’re continuing to use the tools, stay connected, and question your behavioral patterns and habits. That’s how we continue to transform, allowing more and more Light back in.

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