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By Freddie Camozzi

People ask for help in many different ways – some subtle, some not so subtle. At Hoffman, we hear it on our intro calls and we read it in the applications we receive. The need for relief from anxiety, depression, and isolation is real and growing for folks from all walks of life.

askingAs more and more people enroll in the Hoffman Process, the need for financial assistance grows. We recognize pain and we do everything we can not to turn anyone away because of their financial constraints. (After all, not everyone is cashing in on stock options whenever the NYSE bell rings!)

Assistance Opportunities

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Hoffman Institute Foundation has the opportunity to raise funds for scholarships. For each student who applies and qualifies, we offer financial assistance of between $800-$1,800. Additionally, for those who ask to pay their tuition over time, we offer a no-interest payment plan, charging only a nominal set-up fee. (Hey, even my dentist doesn’t do that!)

Each year, as our enrollments grow, the number of requests for financial assistance grows as well. Every spring, the creative department works with the development department on the Annual Spring Scholarship Fund Campaign to replenish those funds (i.e., asking for what we need). Although the creative pieces are fun to dream up and collaborate on, the messaging is always… well… tricky.

Asking How People’s Lives Could Be Different

So, when our fundraising emails arrive in your inbox, please take a moment to think of the people you see every day – the people walking down the street, stepping off the bus, maybe even sitting at a desk next to you. Consider that they might be in pain, and imagine how different their lives might be if they had an opportunity to experience the Hoffman Process.

We are so grateful for all you do, and for the community we continue to be – for each other.

With love from all of us here at Hoffman.

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