Courage Journey

By Shawn McAndrew Above all else, working at the Hoffman Institute means that we get to see courage. From the moment someone hears about the Hoffman Process, the journey to a better life is [...]


Revealing Authenticity

By Julie Daley “Authenticity means erasing the gap between what you firmly believe inside and what you reveal to the outside world.” – Adam Grant As graduates of the Hoffman Process, we’ve come [...]


Trauma, and How It Drives Our Lives

By Shawn McAndrew (If you are unable to see the full article below, please click here.) As we go through life, we most likely experience various incidences of trauma. They can be as minor as [...]


Side By Side

By Julie Daley My childhood was full of turmoil, chaos, and grief. As a child, it was hard to function in the chaos. I found my own survival strategies and they served me well as a child, though [...]


Asking For What You Need

By Freddie Camozzi People ask for help in many different ways – some subtle, some not so subtle. At Hoffman, we hear it on our intro calls and we read it in the applications we receive. The need [...]


Dark Side No More

By Shawn McAndrew Having done the Hoffman Process, we all know what the dark side is. We looked at it and its effects from all angles, beginning with our homework, through to the last day of [...]

The Raw Beauty of Human Transformation

By Julie Daley “…to see the real, the raw beauty of other people. Think about it. You spend these hours with these 40 people that you are now more intimate with them than lots of people in your [...]


Being With a Non-Grad Loved One

By Julie Daley I remember leaving White Sulphur Springs on that warm, sunny August day, beginning my return home after the Process. I felt alive. I felt joy. I felt a great new sense of [...]


Hoffman Graduate Groups: Why, What, How?

By Tami Tack Do you remember your last day at the Hoffman Process? Remember feeling in love with yourself and your life? Perhaps you were all fired up, enthusiastic and committed to using Hoffman [...]


Embracing Your Vision

By Shawn McAndrew In the Process, we do a lot of visioning – how to transform patterns, how to have a non-charged conversation with someone, how to diffuse transference, and more. We also do a [...]