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By Shawn McAndrew

dark sideHaving done the Hoffman Process, we all know what the dark side is. We looked at it and its effects from all angles, beginning with our homework, through to the last day of class, and then how to go back into the world with its shadow at our backsides.

We are told, and we know, that the dark side never goes away completely. It is the culmination of years of negative patterns that were heaped upon us; years of thinking that did us no good. When we were finally able to identify and release this dark side influence in the Process, we found ourselves ecstatic, euphoric, and dancing at the freedom of release.

Show Up With Spirit

Yet every day is an opportunity for that dark side to raise its ugly head (and you know how it ugly it is!). Every day the sneaky jerk can come roaring back at us, ready to convince us that we are not our true Spiritual selves. And we get the chance to prove it wrong. We have the opportunity to show up in our full spiritual regalia, take down that monster dark side, and prove that we are better than it.

But let’s go back a little bit. We know that we did a lot of work to bash the dark side, but we didn’t kill it. This is just a simple fact. The dark side is part of being a human, just as needing to sleep or eat is part of being a human. What makes a difference is in how we listen – or not – to it. Do you want to eat a cookie, or a healthy salad? How about staying up late and watching that terror-infusing show, or maybe getting eight hours of restorative sleep? Do you want to listen to that message about how you aren’t worthy and therefore should eat cookies and stay up late? Or do you want to dismiss the dark side message and feel better about yourself? The choice is yours.

Switch It Off

The dark side is an energy system that only has power if you listen to it. Switch it off! Being the magnificent, creative, love-filled Spirit that you are, you have the ultimate power. The power to believe in yourself, the power to know who you truly are, the power to LOVE. After the dark side ritual in the Process, we tossed bits of paper into the bonfire. We said, “The dark side told me I am __. That’s a lie! I am ___!” You can say this any time you hear something you know is not true. Banish the negativity. Block the self-sabotage. Re-member your whole self – your beautiful, brilliant Quadrinity.

Dark Side No More

The more you catch the dark side in its naughty behavior, the more resilience you build. The bigger the arsenal you create to combat its barbs, the better prepared you are to remain true to your Spirit. Keep in mind that you are love, loving, and lovable. Spirit wins every time.

There are many tools and practices that you can use to disintegrate the dark side when it rears its gob. Please check out the teleclass, “Disempower Your Dark Side,” for more information and support.

Feel free to tell us how you overcame dark side messages below, in the comment section.

  • Andrew Wanamaker


    03/19/19 at 7:37 AM

    This gave me goosebumps while reading. Well written and a terrific reminder.

  • Chris Thompson


    03/18/19 at 4:06 PM

    Thanks for this profound and timely reminder. How I wish I could have just cleansed myself of the dark side after having completed Hoffman but so goes life! Thank you for sharing. We are hosting a Hoffman retreat this weekend in Bali with 25 people from around the world so a great reminder. 🙂

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