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By Julie Daley

“Authenticity means erasing the gap between what you firmly believe inside and what you reveal to the outside world.” – Adam Grant

authenticityAs graduates of the Hoffman Process, we’ve come to see and know more clearly what is within. During the Process, we had the chance to explore places inside we’d stayed away from most of our lives; we felt things we’d been afraid to feel, and learned to trust ourselves and what we know.

What You Carry Inside

For a moment, go back and see yourself on the first day of the Process as you took your seat in the circle. What were you feeling? What beliefs about yourself did you come to the Process already holding inside? On my first day, I carried so much shame, unworthiness, and a strong belief that I didn’t matter. What were you carrying inside of you?

Now, see yourself on the last day of the Process as you prepared to go back out into the world. What changed within you? I remember how physically light and alive I felt and how open and bright my heart was. How did you now feel standing in that final circle?

We Are Love, Loving & Lovable

Through the Process, we come to know some fundamental things about ourselves and what exists within us – that we are love, loving and lovable, and that we are filled with Spirit. We now know these things to be true because we’ve reconnected to them.

When we return to our everyday lives, it can be hard to close this gap between what we know inside and what we reveal to the world.

We’ve grown. We’ve changed. We’re beginning to live as our spiritual selves. Yet, we might fear revealing our spiritual selves, our open hearts, who we truly are – especially to a world that is not so comfortable talking about and being with such things.

This IS what the dark side does. It attempts to keep this gap wide by telling us it just isn’t worth it – being true to ourselves and real with others. It will do anything to keep you from revealing to the world the beautiful, sacred presence that you are.

Revealing Authenticity

When the spiritual rubber meets the road and you’re courageous enough to reveal the beautiful, sacred presence that you are, you embody your radiance as you are. You reveal your authentic self.

Remember back to the Process and how these moments of spiritual radiance felt. What words would you use to describe these moments? How do you describe them now?

When I know my spiritual self is looking out my eyes, I feel soft, strong, and alive, with a deep sense of peace. From here, revealing becomes an act of sincerity and genuineness. Grounded deeply in my body, I trust who I am and can show myself to the world with grace and strength.

I imagine if you are like me this gap didn’t, and doesn’t, go away in seven days, but it grows smaller and smaller as we learn to stay more grounded in our hearts and disempower the dark side messages. We learn how to do this over time with self-love and great compassion.

To be authentic is to be genuine, sincere, and a living expression of the Spirit within. It is in how we are that we reveal and express what we are.

Please feel free to share with us below how you reveal your authentic self.

  • Maria Hartrich


    05/29/20 at 1:16 AM

    I am reconnecting with the Hoffman Process and tools I learned 20 years ago, and found this post this morning. This speaks powerfully to me. Thank you for sharing this. Now is the time to for me to close that gap. Will reconnect with the process and tools. Perfect timing for me.

    • Shawn


      05/29/20 at 10:02 AM

      Thanks, Maria. It’s great that you are reconnecting 20 years later, and still find value in the Process. Let us know if you need any support/resources!

  • Robin


    04/16/19 at 10:23 AM

    Thank you Julie!
    I SO want to BE and show my authentic self to the world!
    Erasing the gap bit by bit is what I need to focus on and to be gentle with myself in the process!
    Here’s to being our authentic selves ~
    Love and Light,

    • Julie


      04/23/19 at 10:38 AM

      Thanks for sharing this, Robin. Always with gentleness! Bit by bit. Here’s to each of us revealing ourselves, with great love as we do.

      Much love, Julie

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