Appreciation & Gratitude

By Shawn McAndrew

In the mid-1990s, someone gave me a journal. Maybe they gave it to me because I am a writer, and they thought I could do something with it. Feeling stumped, I soon [...]


Inner Guidance: Spirit-Guided Visioning

By Shawn McAndrew

You may have heard or read the famous quote by Mary Oliver, “Tell me, [...]


My Breakthrough Weekend

Dan Hoffe


Quad Checks and Self-Trust

self-trust Gary Shunk


My Three Least-Favorite Words

“I need help.”

By Andy Milberg

I’ve really hated admitting that to myself in the past.

It meant there was something wrong [...]


My Heart Opened My Mind

My heart opened my mind and my mind opened to the universe…

By Roxanne Joffe

I was floating in the COVID bubble for several months, insisting that I was a poster [...]


Quadrinity Care During COVID-19

By Tami Tack

Like most everyone, I have found it challenging to maintain a sense of well-being during this extended time of COVID-19. With the added global awakening to the systemic [...]



By Dan Hoffe
I realize now,
That I’ve lived most of my life,
Trying my best,
To cover up,
And hide my inner light,
To never let anyone see inside,
To [...]


Having Hope

By Shawn McAndrew

At the Hoffman Institute, our focus is on change. But to get to that change, we need a good dose of having hope.

Lately I’ve been thinking about hope in the [...]