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Eddie1By Ed McClune

Everything that has ever been created began as an image in someone’s mind. Look around a room, or a garden, or at a career – everything that’s there was imagined first. Creating your vision for the life you want is no different; it starts with having a vision, which is essentially your Spiritual Self being allowed to explore your deepest desires without constraints.

For many of us, the patterns we learned in childhood have us focusing our energy on supplying others with what they want, rather than looking inside for what we deeply long for. But that can change! Creating a vision involves exercising a muscle that can lead you to where you truly want to be.

If you’re not sure where to start, a simple practice is stopping to ask yourself basic questions around small decisions, and then listening for the answers. This will add bulk to your visioning muscle. For example, when considering what to order from a menu, you can trust that you’ll order what’s right for you without considering the price, calories, or what other people are ordering. It’s about asking yourself, “What does all of my Quadrinity want?” then actively honoring the answers that come to you. This can lessen your inner conflict and help you trust yourself to make more life-fulfilling choices.

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