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By Shawn McAndrew

After the year we’ve all had, many of us may be feeling depleted, worn out. It’s understandable to feel this way. We’ve been through a lot!

A lot of energy has been used up just to get through life. We’ve faced a lot of change and pain, a lot of adversity and controversy. Many of us did not make it through to now. Many of us did not think we could make it through to now. And if you’re reading this, you made it. We made it.

How Did I Get Through the Year?

I ask myself sometimes how I made it through the past year. It involved a lot of pushing myself; reminding myself that I am a spiritual being having a human experience; staying connected to friends, family, and my Hoffman tools and practices. I had to have a lot of talks with myself about staying present, staying focused. Reminding myself that I have a purpose in this world sometimes helped me stay focused on the bigger picture.

I participated in Hoffman offerings – virtual programs, Quadrinity Check-Ins, appreciations and gratitudes, staying connected with the Hoffman community through grad groups. Outside of Hoffman, I checked in with friends regularly, particularly older friends who were isolated because of their vulnerability. I took a lot of walks. At first, I stayed in my neighborhood, wanting to honor the lock-down mandates. Then I got to go further from my home, out into nature.

Feeling Depleted

The thing about feeling depleted is that sometimes we don’t have the motivation to get up and change the channel. But it is what we must do in order to pull ourselves out of the malaise. There are so many ways to regenerate, to reinvigorate ourselves. Whatever gives you joy and energizes you, do that. Re-wire, reconnect, regenerate those brain cells and pathways that have been disrupted. We learn how to do this in the Process when we understand what is causing us to act from our patterns instead of our true selves.

Find what helps you shift from depletion to rejuvenation. It could be as simple as pulling yourself away from the news and taking a walk in the neighborhood. Reach out, reach within,  say hello to someone you pass on the street or look in the mirror and say hi to yourself. Eat healthy foods. Get plenty of rest. Know that this, too, shall pass. Don’t keep pushing yourself to get things done – take a break when you need it.

Breathe – Eat Well – Live From Spirit

These are all simple reminders of the little things we can do to keep ourselves centered and connected. They are all things I’ve been hearing since I was a child, too. When your bike gets a flat tire, you stop and fix it, then reinflate the tube so you can keep riding. This is the same procedure for your body. When it’s depleted, worn down, fix it and reinflate. Breathe. Eat well. Love much. Live from Spirit. Find what restores you.

feeling depleted

  • Tami Tack


    05/03/21 at 12:39 PM

    Thanks, Shawn, for this timely reminder to do that which rejuvenates, rather than depletes us. Through the Hoffman Process we indeed have all the tools and practices we need to lead a joyous and fulfilling life.

    • Shawn


      05/03/21 at 1:16 PM

      You’re welcome, Tami. I love that Hoffman has all these tools and practices!

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