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MothersDayDrawingBy Kristen Brooks

I didn’t even know I had issues until I became a mother.

I jumped into parenthood with the dedication and vigor of the A+ student within me. I loved the heck out of my little guy. I fed him avocados, took him to Music Together, made iMovies of his first steps and mailed DVDs to his grandparents to share the joyous moments.

So, in the middle of this parent-child love fest, I was a bit stunned to discover an odd discontentment that began emerging in the darker corners of my life:

Why was I getting so irritated at this little boy, my husband, and myself?

At this point in my early mothering, I didn’t know anything about “patterns.” I didn’t even know I was unhappy. All I knew was that parts of my life began acting out like a tantrumming toddler demanding my attention. And right at that moment the Hoffman Process and I found each other.

The gift I received from the Process was an experience-based body map to help me differentiate between when I was behaving out of “patterns” and when I was acting from “the Light.” Now I can feel the difference. I know how patterns feel. I know how Light feels.

So now when I am interacting with my kids, I can connect with this map and ask myself:
Am I parenting from a place of patterns? (fear/old learned behaviors?) or
Am I parenting from a place of Light? (love)

The goal is to recognize what is happening first, then to self-correct. I work to continuously clear out what is not me, then realign so that I am channeling as much love as possible. It’s pure nourishment for kids.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I like to imagine a world where all moms have this inner map – where we can differentiate the source of our actions, and self-correct as necessary to invite more pure love to flow freely through us.

My wish for all families this Mother’s Day, no matter how we choose to access our truth, is that we work to clear out what is not ours, and shine more of our pure Light onto our children and into our world.

Please share this with your friends and family. If you’d like more information about Hoffman courses, please click here.

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  • Christine


    05/08/15 at 3:23 PM

    Thank you for sharing your experience with parenting, Kristen. I can relate!

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