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By Andy Milberg, Hoffman teacher

We can all think of ways our lives would be more fulfilling if we had a little more love, friends, understanding, help, patience, sleep, money, good health, etc. But, what if your life was already abundant and you just didn’t realize it? What if your patterns were getting in the way of receiving everything your life has to offer? Identifying the patterns that undermine your ability to receive is vital to overcoming your fear of abundance and to getting what you want – receiving the abundance that is already there!

Lone RangerYou may have grown up in an environment where you learned that “life has to be difficult” or that “life is hard.” Until you realize that’s just a mindset, you will experience difficulty if that’s what you expect.

A lot of us have the belief that we are alone and that we can’t count on anyone’s support; we have to do everything by ourselves. This is The Lone Ranger mentality. 
Try shifting away from this pattern by saying “yes” to anything that’s offered to you for a week, even if you don’t need it. It will help you practice your capacity to receive. See what opens up for you.

This practice is not just about “receiving,” but more a training for your brain to discover what is actually available to you. Utilizing this method teaches you that you don’t need to do everything yourself.

This works with personal relationships, too. Try acknowledging and appreciating what your partner is already offering you. This practice works the same way as positive reinforcement for both of you! Over time, your relationship will continue to blossom, and your partner will become more attuned to what you really want.

Check out the Hoffman website for a selection of audio visualization tools that will assist you in addressing any patterns that come up for you in relation to opening to abundance.

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