Preparing for Difficult Conversations at Work

By Chris Sansone Every relationship carries with it the potential for great conflict and, in at least equal measure, become the source for abundant creativity and intimacy. Only through having [...]


Tools for Creating Spirit at Work

By Chris Sansone Part 3 of a 3-part series You can use tools to deepen your awareness and authenticity and increase your presence, inner authority, and wisdom. Tools can help you create a vision [...]


Transformative Effects of Spirit at Work

By Chris Sansone “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” –Viktor E. Frankl Part 2 of a 3-part series Many of us who have experienced the Hoffman [...]


Creating Spirit at Work

By Chris Sansone, PhD Part 1 of a 3-part series What if you were fully enjoying, entirely present to, and engaged in your work? What if you were truly thriving, working with compassion and [...]


Mindfulness & How You Get It

By Hilary Illick Mindfulness is simple. To be mindful is to focus one’s awareness on the present moment. Simple, yes, but not necessarily easy. The state of mindfulness includes calmly [...]


Letting Go

By Hilary Illick Buddha had it right: the only constant in life is change. Life, every aspect of it – the season, the hour, the date, the state of the world, what we’re feeling, what we’re [...]


Play: Creating Time for Recreation

By Hilary Illick Creating time for recreation is a jump start for getting more play time in your life. Summer is here, offering us more daylight hours – and more time – to play with friends, play [...]


Renewal Is A Should-Free State

By Hilary Illick It is spring, the season of renewal, where leaves start to bud on tree branches, and plants begin to push through the earth and bloom. The natural world is wondrous and inspiring [...]


Feeling Is Healing

By Hilary Illick All of us experience grief. Varying degrees of grief, of course, but none of us has managed to dodge loss. Loss and grief are an inevitable part of the human experience. Learning [...]


Practice Hope: Responding In Times of Crisis

By Hilary Illick, Hoffman Process teacher In a world where the news is constantly telling us to be afraid (of climate change, terrorism, disease, financial crisis, etc.), it would be natural to [...]

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