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For New Year’s Eve, 2020, we have an intimate conversation with our podcast co-hosts, Sharon Mor and Drew Horning. Listen in as they explore and share many aspects of their Hoffman experiences – as students, teachers-in-training, active teachers, and now as Hoffman Podcast co-hosts.


What you’ll come to know from listening to this soulful conversation is how much Sharon and Drew love each other. They are friends, yes, but more than that there is a palpable sense of family between these two. This love is the kind of love we experience at the Process with our fellow Process mates. When we do this deep work together we come to love each other in a profound way. Sharon and Drew were also in Hoffman Process teacher training together, which, as they reflect on it here, grew them even closer. Sharon beautifully expresses her joy in realizing that, as teachers of the Process, they will grow old together.

Drew speaks about how dangerous the Dark Side’s use of ‘weaponized awareness’ is and how the power of self-compassion is vitally essential to counteract this Dark Side tactic. Sharon talks about how, through the transformation she experienced at the Process, she is now the person she always wanted to be.


Toward the end, Sharon and Drew consider what it was like to share this time with each other and with you. They discover that intimate, soulful conversations help us learn more about each other in new and amazing ways.