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Lorenzo Jones, Executive CoachListen in as Lorenzo Jones, business coach, facilitator, and speaker shares his Process experience with Sharon. Through the dialogue he had with his Mother during the Process, Lorenzo experienced deep healing. She’s a very private person, he says, so through dialogue, he was able to answer questions he’d always held. Lorenzo also speaks to the power of forgiveness. He says that “forgiveness is like an arrow that goes both ways.” To forgive requires one to also release oneself.

It was just this past year, though, that Lorenzo saw he was still playing a small game. In the midst of the racial upheaval in the Summer of 2020, he felt called to step forward. He knew he had to step up into a bigger game. Life responded with new opportunities to bring healing to others and his community by using his facilitation skills.

More about Lorenzo Jones

Compassionate, intuitive, and open-minded, Lorenzo has more than 20 years of experience in his field. He builds a high degree of connection and trust with his clients by creating a positive learning environment. Lorenzo’s clients include Marin County Government, Los Angeles Metropolitan Authority, The Boy’s and Girls Club, Nike, Levi Strauss, Wells Fargo, Hilton Hotels, and more. You can learn more about Lorenzo here.