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Karen Tiber Leland

Listen in as Karen Tiber Leland shares with us about the power of being tapped into your Spiritual Self. Karen went through a very rough time after doing the Hoffman Process. Through this time, she realized that her connection to her Spiritual Self was “hardwired in.” She realizes how this being so helped her to navigate such a hard time in her life.

Karen also speaks about the power of being able to name your emotions in business. She tells us, “The Process isn’t about indulging your feelings and dramatizing them. It’s about the recognition and clear expression of them. And the responsible expression of them.”

More about Karen Tiber Leland

Karen is the best-selling author of The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build and Accelerate Your Brand. Karen is also president of Sterling Marketing Group, a boutique branding & marketing firm working on personal, business, and CEO branding. Her clients include LinkedIn, Google, American Express, and Marriott, among others.

A best-selling author of ten traditionally published books, Karen’s books have sold more than 450,000 copies. Karen writes for and has spoken at Harvard, Stanford, and TedX. She’s also a frequent guest of the media and has been interviewed by CNN, CNBC, Fox, and Oprah.

Karen currently serves on the Hoffman Institute Advisory Council. She’s a former board member and has facilitated board and staff retreats. Karen has also led leadership development programs and advised on Hoffman branding and marketing. Find out more about Karen, here.