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Billy Bush Hoffman PodcastBilly Bush is our guest today. Billy came to the Process four years ago when his life instantly plummeted into chaos. Listen in as Billy shares with us about his time at the Process and his life since. In his heartwarming and candid style, Billy tells his stories with vulnerability, humor, and a kind of confidence that comes when you’ve found your way back from being down. As Billy says, “There’s a lot of value in knowing what it feels like to be down when you’re talking to people because everybody is going to be down. I don’t care who you are; if calamity has not struck yet, it will.”

Billy’s time at Hoffman proved to be a turning point. He survived it all by digging deep into himself, owning his flaws, and identifying the patterns in his life. There was a moment at the Process when he wanted to leave. But, he found by staying with himself long enough, he realized that the Process was indeed doing exactly what he came for.  In Billy’s words, “It was a successful reboot.”

Billy Bush has had a long and successful career in radio and television. He currently is the host of Extra. Before that, he was the host of the Today Show’s 3rd hour and the host of Access Hollywood. He is the father of three girls aged 16, 20, and 22 which means “his hands are full.”

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