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Get to know Nita Gage, a beloved Hoffman Process Teacher, and Coach. Before becoming a Hoffman teacher at 63, Nita had a long and distinguished career as a psychoanalyst and transformational retreat leader. Listen in as Nita shares about growing up on Native land and the many gifts of that time. She learned so much from her friend’s Grandmother, Grandma Wilson.

Nita also speaks of how we must all stand up against the status quo and speak the truth. We can be part of a courageous ripple that brings good and necessary change to our world.

One thing Nita shares is how she first came to the Hoffman Process, “kicking and screaming,” so to speak. She laughs as she shares that she understands how it feels to be a student on the first day of the Process and experience great resistance.

More about Nita Gage

Nita trained in psychoanalysis with R.D. Laing in London from 1970 to 1980. Upon returning to the United States, she pursued graduate degrees in clinical psychology and a doctorate in shamanic psychology.

Nita has been leading transformational healing retreats for over 25 years, most recently with the Hoffman Institute. Before Hoffman, she founded the NeuroImaginal Institute and Healer Within Retreats, primarily working with physicians. She was the Executive Director of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. She also served clinical and executive positions in hospitals and treatment centers over the 40 years of her career.

Growing up on a reservation in Arizona gave Nita a unique understanding of diversity. For many years, she worked in rural Arizona and Hawaii with diverse populations in addictions and mental health, initiating many innovation programs to address underserved populations.

Nita has authored two books: Soul Whispering: The Art of Awakening Shamanic Consciousness and Women in Storage: How to Reimagine Your Life.

Hoffman hosted our first-ever virtual conference, Embodying the Spirit of Change, on April 1-3, 2021. Nita was the panel moderator for the Indigenous Voices: Answering the Call to Mend Our World panel. If you’d like to know more about this panel, listen to the Indigenous Voices Hoffman Podcast episode with Tim Harjo, Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey, and Anita Sanchez, Ph.D.