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Oliveyah Fisch, Health and Life Coach, is our guest this week. Listen in as she shares how the Hoffman Process brought her the serious change she was longing for.

Before the Process, Oliveyah (also known as Liv) tells us she didn’t know how to take responsibility for how her life was going to unfold. She was waiting for someone else to fix things and she would often blame others rather than step up herself. Through the work of the Process, Oliveyah learned how to listen to her Spirit and lean into her courage.

One of Oliveyah’s big AHAs at the Process revolved around exercise. Oliveyah grew up in a martial arts studio that her father owned. She tells us she learned how to make a proper fist to punch before she learned her ABCs. Oliveyah’s career was in fitness before she attended the Process. When she was told she could not exercise while there, she agreed to follow the rules. Very quickly she realized she’d been using exercise to solve nearly every problem in her life. This was a huge breakthrough for her and it now informs how she coaches her clients. After launching her fitness career in 2005, she now runs one of the most successful health and coaching businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Oliveyah has a Master’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from the University of California. She is an accredited performance enhancement specialist and certified personal trainer through NASM. A certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance Association, she is also certified in health and life coaching through both the CHEK Institute and Health Coach Institute.

Oliveyah has helped hundreds of people transform their lives and achieve lasting change through healthy habits and fostering joy.  She works with many corporate partners, including Forager Project, YouTube, SalesForce, Allbirds, and Google. She also holds small group and 1:1 coaching year-round inspiring people to amplify their life and LIV Empowered. In 2020, she received the achievement and service award from Kaboom Coaching.

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