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Kevin Eyres Hoffman PodcastDeep in a career in technology, Kevin Eyres, now beloved Hoffman teacher and coach, realized he wanted to grow “beyond the intellect.” As a result, he took the Hoffman Process. Taking the Process supported him in journeying beyond his intellect to a deeper embodiment of his whole Quadrinity – body, emotional self, intellect, and Spiritual Self.

Kevin loves to grow through new experiences. Even with this innate love, Kevin’s path to becoming a Hoffman teacher was, in his words, “a rocky road.” With a beautiful heart, Kevin shares how he came up against plenty of negative patterns within himself around status, title, and identity as he followed his desire to become a teacher.

One thing Kevin knows from a career in tech and entrepreneurship is that failure is more a state of mind than a static single event. Listen in as Kevin shares a powerful way to reframe failure.

If you haven’t yet heard, the Hoffman Institute has an app. Kevin was the project lead and shares with Drew the process of designing and creating the app. The entire project was and continues to be community-minded.


With an agile heart, Kevin Eyres helps executive leaders be fearlessly human. He helps them discover that the real challenge often lies in limiting beliefs, and the lack of emotional connection within. He combines his deep business leadership experience with spirituality, mindfulness, and psychology. This supports him to amplify love and self-kindness which ultimately results in leading with courage, agency, and purpose.

Previously, Kevin has led the international hyper-growth strategy and operations as the Managing Director of LinkedIn Europe as well as MD for AltaVista International and SideStep/Kayak. He has been a long-time member of YPO and is a top-rated Forum facilitator and trainer. Kevin’s work has a deep common thread of helping others realize the best in themselves. He expresses his talent at guiding others through his work as a teacher at the Hoffman Institute, an executive coach, as well as through his service on corporate and non-profit boards.

Kevin loves being a husband and dad most of all. Extra fun activities are ice hockey, singing, cycling, meditation, and geeking out on all things tech and design.


The Hoffman App

Your journey to discover your authentic self does not end after the completion of a Hoffman course. Rather, it is just the beginning. The Hoffman App is here to support you as you continue this journey, today and far into the future. The app is full of guidance, practices, and visualizations to inspire and help you achieve your personal goals. We like to think of this app as, “Hoffman in your pocket.” It’s available at the App Store.