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B David Cisneros Hoffman PodcastB David Cisneros, professor and author, shares that the Hoffman Process, without question, was the single most impactful thing I’ve ever done for myself.” The Process put David on a “path to happiness, to joy, to finding joy.”

When speaking of his childhood, David shares with Sharon that blame was a deep familial pattern. In his family, “any problem you had was someone else’s fault.” But in the Process, David quickly came to see that blame was no longer an option if he truly wanted to meet the challenges he was facing. He credits the Process with opening him to the power of taking responsibility for his own life, one of the cornerstones of the foundational work of the Hoffman Process.

After the Process, David followed his heart and found his new career teaching at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). It was his work at the Process that gave him the confidence to apply for this job even though he was sure didn’t have what they were looking for. He followed the guidance he got and was hired. David did in fact have what they were looking for.

David also speaks of the beautiful angels in our lives. He shares a story about his roommate at the Process who helped him through a difficult moment during the week. David expands on this, sharing how others are angels for us and we can be angels for others as we navigate life. He highlights this wisdom in his book about reincarnation, “Between Here and There.” This beautiful book was the result of a spirit-led dream he had years after completing the Process.

More about B David Cisneros:

David grew up in a small farming town along the Central Coast of California. Then and there, he learned about hard work by watching family members rise before the sun to break their backs in the fields. Spiritual but not religious, David somehow found his faith by surfing up and down California’s coastlines, searching for the perfect wave.

David received a degree in economics from San Diego State University. After college, he worked in the tech and gaming industries at companies like Oracle and IGT. All the while, David struggled to connect the corporate world with his spirituality. Today, he considers himself a Silicon Valley refugee. He lives in the high desert of Northern Nevada, teaches at the University of Nevada, Reno, writes as much as possible, and spends his free time cycling on the road and mountain trails, playing with his Vizsla, listening to his vinyl collection, sipping fine tequila, and laughing with friends and family. And David is still searching for that perfect wave.

More about David’s book:

David’s recently published book, “Between Here and There,” is a tale of a hero’s journey of spiritual growth … about a boy searching for the meaning of life. He learns about Love, forgiveness, and trust. But he also discovers what happens to us in the afterlife. David shares that the story came to him in a dream. However, he could never have written it without the emotional and spiritual growth he developed from the Process. And he still remembers the Love and the support he received all those years ago.

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