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linda hartkaLinda Hartka, beloved Hoffman teacher, shares her story of how doing the work of the Process healed her seemingly intractable self-loathing. As a therapist for years, Linda did many workshops and types of training to deepen her capacity and ability to hold others in their healing. And yet, her tendency to feel self-loathing didn’t budge. Through the Process, she was able to finally melt away the patterns that held it in place. This same outcome has been true for so many who do the Process. The tendency to feel self-loathing is common. The Process can get to the heart of it.

Linda grew up during the rise of the human consciousness movement. As a young girl, she was deeply religious until she had a realization that caused her to leave religion at eleven years old. Something didn’t sit right with her big, compassionate heart and she said no and walked away. As she grew into adulthood, her heart took her deeper into compassion and spirituality, leading her to a beautiful life in service to the healing and realization of many human beings. In 1998, Linda became a Process teacher. She led students through the Process until she retired at the end of 2022.

This episode gives us a glimpse into the deep love that Linda has for her family as well as for those she has worked with and continues to support. She’s worked with many different communities, including women at the City of Hope in the Congo. Linda is not only a natural facilitator of healing but also a storyteller extraordinaire.

Listen in as she shares fascinating, heart-opening stories about her life and the lives of those she has been fortunate to know and work with, both at the Hoffman Process and other places around the world.

More about Linda Hartka

Linda has been with the Hoffman Institute since beginning her training in 1998, as a teacher, coach, and program designer. She holds a master’s degree in Counseling Psychotherapy and has studied and worked in psychology and spirituality for over forty years. Before she found Hoffman, she began her career as a childbirth educator and doula, trained as a Waldorf Education teacher, and settled into a private transpersonal therapy practice specializing in Psychosynthesis until taking the Process in 1996. The transformative impact of the Process was so life-changing, that Linda wanted nothing more than to bring that change to as many as possible. Her years as a teacher have been filled with love, joy, and miracles!

Linda lives in rural upstate New York, surrounded by her large family of five children, their spouses, eight grandchildren, and abundant birds and wildlife. She semi-retired in December 2022 to enjoy her family and artistic endeavors. She continues with her private practice and occasionally guest teaches for the Hoffman Institute.

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