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Blake Mycoskie Hoffman PodcastThis is a remarkable conversation with Blake Mycoskie, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and best-selling author. Blake graduated from the Hoffman Process in 2017. Before his Process, Blake had been a hard-driving athlete and a highly successful entrepreneur. He came to the Process because life had suddenly become more complex for him. He felt ‘untethered’ on the heels of a lot of recent life changes. Often old patterns make it hard to move with the change that comes, even when we’ve chosen those changes.

Blake felt a lot of resistance at the beginning of his Process. He knew that he had achieved great success in the world and believed that his patterns had helped him get there. However, through the Process, with the guidance of his teacher, Blake eventually came to see that his patterns were keeping him from living a truly authentic life guided by his Spiritual Self. Since graduating, Blake has sent many friends to the Process, as well as hundreds of people he didn’t know personally but supported financially to attend.

As you’ll discover, Blake vulnerably shares the truth of what he is experiencing in his life right now. He tells us that the Process was his jumping off place into spiritual work. After he graduated, he began to do many retreats and became active in the world of plant medicine. As you’ll hear, Blake is in the immediate experience of a deeper call to go within. He refers to this moment in his life as a dark night of the soul. Blake knows something is here for him and he’s determined to live following his Spiritual Self no matter where it takes him, despite how uncomfortable this is.

We hope you enjoy this profound conversation with Blake and Sharon.

Discover more about Blake Mycoskie:

Blake Mycoskie Family photo Blake Mycoskie is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and best-selling author most known for founding TOMS Shoes and is the person behind the idea of One for One®, a business model that helps a person in need with every product purchased.

A simple idea grew into a global movement:  While traveling in Argentina in 2006, Blake witnessed the hardships faced by children growing up without shoes. His solution to the problem was simple, yet revolutionary: to create a for-profit business that was sustainable and not reliant on donations. Blake’s vision soon turned into the simple business idea that provided the powerful foundation for TOMS. Since its inception, TOMS Shoes has provided almost 96 million pairs of shoes to children around the globe.

Blake’s latest philanthropy passion has taken him into the world of psychedelics.   He’s giving about 25% of his net worth to support research into the medical and mental health potential of psychedelic drugs.

Born and raised in Texas, Blake currently resides in Marin County with his wife, kids, dog, and cat.  In his free time, you can find him outside enjoying nature. Discover more about Blake here.

As mentioned in this episode:

Blake’s adopted son, Wubetu
Blake mentions his adopted son Wubetu and an article. Read the story of how Blake and Wubetu met and the amazing journey Wubetu took to reconnect with Blake and open his life to something new.

Venture Capital

Psychedelic medicine
•  Psychedelic vs. Plant medicine

Dark night of the soul

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The Negative Love Syndrome: 
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