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Kevin Rempel Medal Hoffman PodcastKevin Rempel, 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist in sledge hockey, is today’s guest. Listen in as Kevin shares his incredible life story and the wisdom he’s gained.

Kevin was paralyzed in a Motocross accident when he was 23. He was never supposed to walk again, but, as he says, he made it to his feet to walk again with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work. Four years earlier, his father, was paralyzed in a hunting accident. His father severed his spinal cord, making it impossible for him to walk again. Kevin thought that he and his father would draw closer together after his accident; instead, it drove them further apart. Kevin came to understand that what was happening was a negative love relationship with his father. This discovery prompted him to attend and complete the Hoffman Process.

Driven to be different from his father, Kevin worked hard in his drive to walk again. It ultimately took him four years to fully stand and walk on his own, day in and day out. You’ll hear a lot of love, understanding, and wisdom in Kevin’s story about his father. He shares how his attitude toward and understanding of his father changed after the Process. Kevin’s transformation comes from seeing that his father was a good Dad, yet he had patterns. It is a testament to Bob Hoffman’s words, “Everyone is guilty, no one is to blame.”

Kevin realized his second chance at life wasn’t from learning to walk again. Instead, his second chance came when he learned to love himself and live as someone who truly loves himself.

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Kevin Rempel Hoffman PodcastKevin Rempel is a 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist in sledge hockey.

After being paralyzed at the age of 23, Kevin not only learned how to walk again, but overcame the mental battle of both depression and living with a disability to rebuild his life, and eventually reach the Paralympic podium in sledge hockey.

Kevin is an expert in change management, mental health, and resilience, delivering his inspirational message about adopting The Hero Mindset, where you focus on small things that make a big difference to help you too, become a hero in your own story. Kevin is the author of, Still Standing: When You Have Every Reason To Give Up, Keep Going.

In addition to corporate presentations, Kevin is also a business coach for athletes and leaders using strategies from The Hero Mindset Blueprint to help build confidence, adopt healthy and predictable patterns, and accept radical responsibility in cultivating a confident and empowered mindset to drive results and embrace change. 

Discover more about Kevin here. Follow Kevin on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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