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Os Alvarez Hofffman ProcessWhen Os Alvarez speaks of the newfound emotional intimacy he now knows in his relationships and the power of living from his heart, you can feel the depth of his heart as he speaks. Os had a profoundly life-changing experience at the Hoffman Process in 2019. As he saw the effect that his childhood patterns had on his childhood and adult life, he came to find great compassion for the beauty of the child that still lives within him. Os now brings the power of this intimacy to his work as a personal and business strategist.

The son of a prominent Venezuelan politician whose name he was given, Os shares stories of the difficulties he experienced growing up in this environment. While his family was very loving and supportive, life was challenging growing up under these circumstances. As an adult, these patterns eventually caused what Os calls existential suffering.

In 2014, Os divorced. In 2015, his best friend and business partner, a person he loved and was very close to, died from cancer. Before these events, he experienced a panic attack for the first time. But these two losses pushed Os to start on a journey. He began to meditate. He went to Costa Rica to try Ahyuasca. And then, he found the Hoffman Process. Os shares that during the weekend after the Process, he felt his heart fully open. But even more than this, the Process gave him a framework and tools to take into his life moving forward so he could continue the work to transform patterns and come to appreciate seeing his blind spots.

If you ask Os what the most profound change is in his life now, it is his relationships – the people and the intimacy in them. He recently married again, and on that day he felt gratitude for these beautiful, emotionally intimate relationships.

This podcast is about bringing the transformation we experienced during the Process into our lives so that this transformation can radiate into the greater world. Os’ story is a beautiful example of Love’s Everyday Radius.

More about Os Alvarez:

Os Alvarez is more than just a personal and business strategist; he’s a companion on your journey to success and fulfillment. With a deep-seated commitment to helping founders and entrepreneurs flourish both in business and in life, Os brings a unique blend of authenticity and expertise to the table. His own transformative experience, transitioning from a scripted life fueled by ambition to one imbued with meaning and purpose, catalyzed by the loss of his closest friend, ignited a passion for guiding others toward their truest selves. As co-founder of The Real Authentic Way, Goodness Education, and The Local Leaders Collective, Os creates spaces where individuals can authentically connect and thrive.

Os serves as a trusted coach for members of esteemed organizations like Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), while also lending his guidance as an Endeavor Miami Mentor. A graduate of Yale University with an MBA in Finance and Strategy, Os resides in Miami, where his dedication to holistic growth and genuine connection permeates every aspect of his work.

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Os’ Father

Panic attack

Victim Consciousness (Mentality)
•   Unraveling the Mindset of Victimhood

Chopra Center


Rhythmia Center, Costa Rica

Quote Os mentioned:
I inherited half my father’s friends and all his enemies.— George W. Bush

The Local Leaders Collective in Miami

Brené Brown

Ian Salvage, Os’ Hoffman teacher/coach

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Trigger and going within.
Compassion and Non-Judgment.
Contraction and Dark Side -Using a flashlight within.
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