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By Thomas Layton Croft

LaytonCroft, respond, not reactI am learning how to respond and not react to life. I am learning to see things in life as happening for me and not to me.

I am learning to breathe and fully feel, and own, all feelings my intellect, my emotional self, and my body are feeling – regardless of how difficult or uncomfortable those feelings are – thus allowing those feelings to run their course without me losing my balance or inner peace or mindfulness.

I am learning to breathe slowly and deeply in times of anxiety, and accept and love myself even if my feelings of fear, anxiety, or self-doubt are strong.

I am learning how to remind myself that I love myself, at all times, regardless of what is happening around/outside me. I am learning how to remind myself, at all times, that I am WHOLE, and I am not incomplete, broken or anything less than whole; I am enough, worthy and full.

I am learning how to feel and own my wholeness, even if and when I am physically alone. I am learning to see and appreciate the Universe working for me, at all times, even if my ego/lower-self/dark side tries to convince me that I am a victim and that the Universe is not on my side, etc.

I am learning to listen to the Universe, even when my reality at any moment feels painful, uncomfortable, and contrary to what my intellect or emotional self are saying and wanting.

I am learning to put my spiritual, higher-self in the driver’s seat, and to put (bound and gagged!) my lower-self/dark side in the trunk of the car.

I am learning to reclaim my power, my purpose, my passion, and my ability to “go slow” with strength. I am learning that truly “going slow” is the best way to manifest my full potential, my limitless power. Going slow enables me to align with the energies of the Universe. It allows me to tap into the Unified state and forget and discard the illusion of duality.

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