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By Danny Kim

Virtual Graduate Experience
Danny Kim

When I took the Process back in October 2018, my life was a hot mess. Riddled with feelings of shame and guilt, I entered the Process unable to fully grasp what I was experiencing. Yes, I did all the bashing, letter writing, crying, recycling, and compassion work. And by the end I felt I was a new person. But then life happened and I found myself right back in familiar patterns. What I realized in the past 18 months since leaving the Hoffman Institute is that life is a continual process, requiring me to revisit my authentic self.

Getting Through Challenging Times

It’s funny how the Universe has a way of reminding us who we are. In a strange way, this Pandemic has been a blessing. It has been continually poking me with daily reminders to just be me. The daily Quadrinity Check-Ins and gratitude and appreciation practices, as well as the huge offering of courses from the Institute, are helping me connect and get through these challenging times.

When I saw that the Hoffman Institute was offering a Virtual Graduate Intensive, it didn’t strike me as something I wanted or needed to do. How could a process that involved so much personal interaction and energetic work be done virtually? It wasn’t until a fellow member of my flock mentioned how transformational the class was for him, did I decide to get curious and pull the trigger. I’m really glad I did.

Connecting Through the Virtual Graduate Intensive

One of the biggest surprises about taking a class in a virtual setting was how easy it is to genuinely connect with others. It didn’t matter when someone completed the Process, we all shared this common bond that connected us.

Secondly, I was amazed at how quickly we could remember and re-experience the Process. Our teacher reminded us that what we experienced during the Process lives with us at a cellular level. The body doesn’t forget. Finally, I was reminded that we will always experience patterns in life. The important part when we do experience them is to realize we have a choice and to be kind, compassionate, and gentle to ourselves. This was something I was not doing, and it wasn’t until I did the exercise on compassion and self-forgiveness that I realized how hard I was being on myself.

Whether you decide to do a Virtual Graduate Intensive, participate in a Connecting Café, log in to do a daily Quad Check-In, connect with your local grad group, or just talk to a fellow member of your flock, be kind and gentle to yourself. You are exactly where you need to be on your journey, and the Universe is waiting patiently for you to awaken and come back home.

Danny Kim is a personal growth teacher and coach with the DK Leadership Group. After a 25-year career in the finance industry, Danny found his calling was to help others connect with their authentic selves. He is the creator of the Aloha Journal, a daily tool to help bring more gratitude, self-compassion, and connection through Aloha.
Danny is also a Hoffman Graduate Group co-leader on Oahu, Hawaii.

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