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By Shawn McAndrew

Aside from the obvious value (improved life, love, compassion, and emotional IQ) you get from the Process, you also become part of a loving, spiritual community that stretches across the globe. Tens of thousands of people have experienced the transformational effects of the Hoffman Process. As a graduate, you can take advantage of the multitude of programs, classes, and tools available to keep you connected and aligned to Spirit.

So what are some of the values of being a graduate, and why are community and connection so important once you venture back into your life?

Some Key Ways to Stay Connected With One’s Self/Spirit

key ways to stay connectedIn the Process, you learned how to check in with your Spiritual Self. Continue your relationship with your self in whatever way you can – get out in nature, do a visualization, listen to the tools recordings. As you go through your day, take on the shape of your Spiritual Self. Turn your attention inward to connect.

You can also start each day with a Quadrinity Check-In. Connecting with all aspects of your Quadrinity allows you to start the day from a balanced place. Quadrinity Check-Ins are offered each morning at 8 a.m. Pacific on Hoffman’s Instagram feed.

Things to Pay Attention to Post-process

It’s important to find ways to connect with Spirit and nurture one’s self, as well as address the patterns as they come. De-energizing patterns as they come up helps to keep one centered and connected. Though the tools or practices one chooses may differ, ensuring that you are connected to Spirit and patterns are addressed is a starting point from which to build. Recycling is a vital way to stay connected to your self and Spirit.

Pay attention to your self – your response to things. You have the awareness, so use it. Practicing mindful compassion for yourself and others is really important. Be gentle and kind to yourself when you’re back in your life.

Why Community Plays a Role in One’s Journey and Healing

Community can be a mirror in which you can witness and share each other’s journeys. It creates a bigger space for healing, which is created through witnessing each other. Community is helpful in our growth and healing. Finding people who you can confide in, share with, and who can provide comfort and support really supports the opening of the heart. An open heart is crucial to healing.

The Hoffman Institute offers many graduate groups, led by Hoffman graduates, as key ways to stay connected. Currently, most are offered virtually, which means you can join one from wherever you are. Check out listings here.

Other Resources/Support as Key Ways to Stay Connected

Coaching and graduate groups are wonderful support systems; there are also the Light Circles and the connections that graduates can get from their classmates. You can call the office to talk with anyone, call or email your teacher, call your classmates, and so much more. There’s a wealth of ways to stay connected and in touch.

Perhaps you didn’t know when you registered for the Process about all the value-added features that came with your program. If you would like more resources and connections, you can also visit our resources web page, /resources/. Or call us at 415-485-5220 or 800-506-5253. Above all, stay connected to your Self, Spirit, and community.

Thanks to Hoffman teachers Matt Brannagan and Andi Saucerman for their input on this blog.

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