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By Shawn McAndrew

play day
Photo by Jim Lyle

During the Process, play is a very important aspect of healing. Do you remember Play Day? There were decorations and games, lots of dancing and music. We got special surprises and lots of time to let loose our inner child.

Laugh, Enjoy, Create

Play Day is a relief from the days of introspection and exertion. It is a time to laugh, enjoy, and be creative – to remember what it’s like to be light-hearted (think about the double meaning of that phrase: light-hearted).

Do you let yourself have a play day every once in a while? Do you play games, dance, decorate your house with balloons and streamers, just because?

For the past 15 years, Hoffman has hosted a picnic for grads and their families and friends at our retreat site, White Sulphur Springs, in St. Helena, CA. There’s music, face painting, a photo booth where you can dress up in silly hats and bright-colored boas, as well as games and delicious food. You can boogey away the day to live music on the grass by the classroom. Or, you can just hang out, catch up with classmates and friends, and watch the frivolity.

Play Day Can Be Every Day

Play is a necessary blessing in life. It gives us the opportunity to get out of our heads (Intellect) and into our Bodies and Emotional Selves. Playing is an act of self-love, where you get the chance to appreciate moving, laughing, creating, connecting with others and yourself.

It’s not just a social exercise; it’s also a personal expression. To move and laugh and create is a chance to appreciate your full Quadrinity – Intellect, Emotional Self, Body, and Spirit.

Set yourself free from the shoulda, coulda, wouldas and breathe deep, dive in, and explore. That inner child of yours is hankering for a chance to squeal with de-LIGHT!

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