Dark Side No More

By Shawn McAndrew Having done the Hoffman Process, we all know what the dark side is. We looked at it and its effects from all angles, beginning with our homework, through to the last day of [...]


Embracing Your Vision

By Shawn McAndrew In the Process, we do a lot of visioning – how to transform patterns, how to have a non-charged conversation with someone, how to diffuse transference, and more. We also do a [...]


Preparing for Difficult Conversations at Work

By Chris Sansone Every relationship carries with it the potential for great conflict and, in at least equal measure, become the source for abundant creativity and intimacy. Only through having [...]


Basic Tools

The Process is a powerful week that heals and transforms people who are serious about change. As graduates, we’ve experienced the power of the Process and returned home changed. What happens, [...]


Elevators and Curiosity

By Julie Daley During the Hoffman Process, you utilize multiple powerful tools and practices to heal the pain of childhood and to disconnect from parental patterns. Each one supports the journey [...]


Tools for Creating Spirit at Work

By Chris Sansone Part 3 of a 3-part series You can use tools to deepen your awareness and authenticity and increase your presence, inner authority, and wisdom. Tools can help you create a vision [...]


Nurturing Self-Love Through Forgiveness

In the Process, you gain the understanding of nurturing self-love through forgiveness. At a certain point, you are given the opportunity to do a Self-Forgiveness/Self-Love walk. Why is this so [...]



By Shawn McAndrew Community – it is what connects us, keeps us present, and helps us to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Community is part of being a Hoffman [...]


Quieting Chatter

By Tami Tack In August 2003, the Portland Hoffman Graduate Group was born, and has been meeting monthly ever since. Gatherings have been held in private homes, churches, and community centers. [...]


When Change Happens

By Shawn McAndrew “When you’re serious about change” is not only Hoffman’s slogan indicating that we support and facilitate people making changes in their lives, it’s also about what we, as [...]

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