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Paula and Tim FloydPaula and Tim Floyd are both graduates of the Hoffman Process. What’s it like to be a couple who’ve both done the Process? Listen in as Paula and Tim Floyd share their experiences of the Process, and of life together, post-Process.

Paula was first to attend the Process about three years ago. When she returned home, Tim saw an immediate shift in Paula’s presence and vulnerability. Six months later, Tim did his Process. Now, a few years post-Process, Paula shares that she had no idea that life could be so beautiful. Tim shares how he now connects with his Spiritual Self on a daily basis, a relationship he used to long for when he saw it in others.

While their childhood stories are different in many ways, their Process experiences of forgiveness share a similar theme. To experience true forgiveness for their mothers, both Paula and Tim needed to acknowledge and feel the anger they held inside. Once acknowledged, fully felt, and released, the anger became a doorway into deep and abiding forgiveness.

Paula and Tim recently moved to Bend Oregon. They live there with daughter Sally, daughter-in-law Mackenzie, and puppy Bean.


After her extensive career in the beauty industry, Paula realized she had the formula that would benefit so many companies. She founded Headkount, an outsourced national field organization for beauty brands, inspired by her mentors, employees, colleagues, recruiters, customers, and even her competitors. Headkount is a consumer-driven, cost-effective, and fast way to improve brand awareness, increase brick-and-mortar sales, and grow at scale.

As Headkount CEO, Paula’s favorite part of working in beauty is being in the field, hands-on with her sales team and customers. Paula is bringing her spirituality and influence to the beauty industry. Found out more about Paula here

Tim grew up middle-class in Belmont CA. When his parents divorced when he was eight, he lived back and forth between his Mom’s house and his Dad’s house with little supervision. Tim played sports through grade school and high school. Then, realizing he didn’t have the discipline to continue college/ sports at a higher level, he joined the Navy at nineteen. Looking back, he sees the Military as the best thing that could have happened to him. It gave him the structure he was lacking at home. Tim excelled in training and his job as an aircraft mechanic and Naval Flight Engineer. He received multiple awards for carrying out combat missions during the gulf war and other conflicts.

Tim and Paula met while Tim was on deployment. Soon after, he began his career in the mortgage business. Tim recently opened a mortgage branch in his new home in Central Oregon for his company. His goals are to help as many people as possible become homeowners. He also returned to civilian flight school and now has his pilot’s license. Follow Tim on Instagram.

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