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Natalie Vanderpump PodcastCoach and consultant, Natalie Vanderpump, is our guest today. Natalie’s process of getting to the Process was a journey in and of itself. She registered in February of 2020 for the May Process, which was postponed after the outbreak of COVID-19. Determined to begin her work, Natalie signed up for the first Hoffman Essentials virtual course. When the Hoffman Institute resumed offering the Process in person the following September, Natalie was there to begin the Process. Life had other plans as our beloved retreat site, White Sulphur Springs burned and Natalie’s group was evacuated. She had to return home to wait, again. Natalie completed her Process in person as part of the first graduating class at Hoffman’s new retreat site in Petaluma.

What kept Natalie so motivated? When she completed the initial homework early that Spring, she felt a jolt to her Being. Through the months of waiting, Natalie had a heightened awareness of her patterns and how they had affected her life up to that point. Once she arrived in Petaluma, she was truly ready to do the deeply impactful work of healing the pain of her past.

Natalie came to the Process because she felt like she’d done everything she was ‘supposed to do’ to be happy, but she wasn’t. For twenty-five years, she’d been on a journey to find a place of peace in herself that she knew was possible but didn’t know how to find on her own. Doing the Process helped support Natalie in finding the peace she was looking for, as well as much more.

More About Natalie Vanderpump:

Natalie was born in the West Indies on the island of Jamaica. As a child she lived in many places, finally settling in Miami, Florida for college. After seventeen years, a failed marriage, two engineering degrees, and an MBA, she moved to the Pacific Northwest with her son. In addition to her corporate career in Fortune 100 companies, Natalie has a passion for supporting people in organizing their time, finances, and physical space.

Today, Natalie is a Holistic Wellness Coach and a KonMari-certified organizational consultant. As a coach and consultant, she helps people manage the stuff that impacts our ability to thrive. This includes what we put in our bodies, allow into our hearts and minds, and accumulate in our homes. Everyone’s path to wellness has twists and turns. Natalie loves helping others progress on their unique journey while continuing on her own.

You can learn more about Natalie and her work here. Follow Natalie on Instagram and LinkedIn.

As Mentioned in This Episode

Hoffman Essentials 2-Day Virtual program:
Through experiential activities, individual assignments, engaging discussions, and connection with a community of learners, you will have the experience of bringing more love and aliveness to yourself and your life while increasing your awareness of, and ability to dismantle, the barriers that stand in the way of living your best life.

Practices & Tools:
Quad Check:
Join our virtual Quad-Check at 8:00 am PT on Instagram.
The Quad Check is a practice to support you in checking in with all four parts of your Quadrinity: Spiritual Self, Intellect, Emotional Self, and your Body.

Appreciation & Gratitude:
Join our virtual Appreciation & Gratitude practice at 6:00 pm PT on Instagram.
The Appreciation and Gratitude practice supports you in dropping into your heart. From here, you can see and realize what you are truly grateful for and what you appreciate in and about your life. This practice deepens your connection to your body and your Spiritual Self.

Recycling is a powerful tool that’s part of the Cycle of Transformation. It’s used to recycle a negative pattern that you’ve identified, traced, and disconnected from and into a new way of being. This new way is in alignment with your Spiritual Self.

Vicious Cycle
A collection of negative patterns that keep you in a cycle of negativity. They work in a cyclical manner and feed upon themselves. They are profoundly negative to your life and relationships.