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A Taste of 2022 Hoffman PodcastWe wrap up season five with A Taste of 2022

Co-hosts, Drew Horning, Sharon Mor, and Liz Severin come together to reflect on magical moments from the episodes they hosted this year. Together, they share the podcast moments that shine a light on the magic that so often happens during the Process.

In A Taste of 2022, our co-hosts weave together Process memories our guests shared with the wisdom our co-hosts have gleaned from teaching the Hoffman Process and hosting this podcast.

Specifically, Drew, Sharon, and Liz touch on various subjects, such as the power of cathartic expression, the need to clear away what gets in the way of living as our true nature, and the reclaiming of lost parts of ourselves. They even highlight one graduate’s fearless reckoning with God. Like every episode of The Hoffman Podcast, these stories highlight how graduates’ lives and the lives of those around them are changed as a result of their work in the Process. In listening, we bear witness to how change ripples out into the world through the everyday radius of one person’s life. Our podcast offers beautiful windows into the healing that happens in the Process.

Intrigued by what you’ve heard in the clips? Then listen to the full episode of each Hoffman graduate highlighted. Meander through this list of episodes to discover more about graduates of the Process and how taking the Process supports the kind of change within you that transforms your life and the lives of those around you.

The Hoffman Podcast will be back for season 6 on February 16th. See you in 2023!

Clips shared in ‘A TASTE OF 2022’

S5e7: Amanda de Cadenet – A Vegan Protein Bar in a Snickers Wrapper

S4e13: Arielle D’Angelo – Coming Out and Coming Into Self-Love

S5e11: Monique Petrov – Waking Up With New Eyes

S5e13: Anne Hockett – The Body Expresses What We Repress

S4e04: Ken Druck – Leaving a Legacy of Love

S5e5: Ian Salvage – Aligned in the Goodness That I Am

S5e9: Jeff Snipes – Awakening Spirit, Reimagining Education

S5e3: Ryan Miles – Love is a Birthright

S4e02: Katie – My Sobriety & The Hoffman Process

S4e01: Liz Severin – I Know We Will Get Through This