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Hoffman Podcast Chelsea JavierChelsea Javier, actor, writer, and filmmaker, has always been a creative person and visual artist. But she was also risk averse. She stayed in jobs that were close to what she wanted rather than the real thing – until she did the Hoffman Process in May 2018.

In her early to mid-twenties, Chelsea went through what she calls a dark period.* During this time, she moved back to her family home and sought the help she needed. As she began to transition to a new life, in one of those ‘sliding door’ moments as she calls it, she met her now-husband, Paul. He had, just two days prior, completed the Hoffman Process.

Two years later, Chelsea did the Process. There’s a beautiful back-and-forth between Chelsea and Drew about the Process itself, and the experience of trusting yourself. As Chelsea shares, through her work at the Process, she discovered that there truly is no limit to how deeply you can feel, heal, and live. She knows how to handle rejection with strength and resiliency and she’s not afraid to reach for what she wants.

Chelsea Javier 2023 Mandala Contest winnerChelsea is also a past Hoffman Mandala contest winner. The 2024 Mandala Contest is currently open until February, 29th. If you’re interested in submitting your art, check out the Mandala Contest theme, rules, and submission guidelines.

*Content warning, please use discretion:

In this episode, our guest speaks about her history of depression and periods of suicidal ideation. We understand that this sensitive topic may not be right for all listeners. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please reach out to a local mental health hotline or emergency services. Remember, you are not alone, and there is help available.

Suicide Resources

More about Chelsea Javier:

Chelsea Javier is an actor, writer, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles with her husband Paul Sprangers, their rescue bunnies Hammy and Yoshi, and their giant sulcata tortoise Lou. They co-run their production company American Lagomorph and released their first feature film, Smile or Hug, (starring Chelsea opposite Danny Trejo, directed by Paul), on Amazon, Apple TV, and Tubi, last year. Chelsea recently appeared on the CW show Walker and dreams of being a series regular on a dramedy TV show like Six Feet Under (her favorite show!).

Chelsea completed the Hoffman Process in 2018 and was not working in entertainment (aka following her dreams!) before doing the Process. She previously worked as an art teacher and often writes about art and teaching life in her scripts now. Outside of work, she loves spending time with family and friends at the beach, roller skating, traveling, and conversing about mental health.

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As mentioned in this episode:

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Chelsea Javier and LouLou:
•   Chelsea’s Giant Sulcata Tortoise named Lou.
•   anthropomorphize: verb, attribute human characteristics or behavior to (a god, animal, or object).

Hoffman Process teachers mentioned:
•   Jane Biondi, Retired
•   Barbara Comstock – Listen to Barbara on the Hoffman Podcast

Couples Coaching:
Flexible, one-to-one phone or Zoom coaching with a certified Hoffman Coach.

Brené Brown on joy being the most difficult and terrifying emotion to feel.

Graduate Groups:
Glendale/Pasadena/Montrose Area, California
Leader: Monica Lomenzo

Danny Trejo in Chelsea and Paul’s first feature film, Smile or Hug.
Danny plays the role of Dr. Hoffman Garcia. (Chelsea’s Easter egg leading to Hoffman)