Centering and Quadrinity Check: Post Process w/Drew Horning


Experience your whole, embodied self, connected and belonging, in the physical world, then develop your capacity to listen and be responsive to all aspects of your Quadrinity – an act of self-love.


This track is a combination of two visualizations back to back; Centering Practice and The Quadrinity Check: Post Process.

The centering practice guides you to experience your whole self, embodied and in the physical world, belonging and being connected. You also become more emotionally and spiritually present.

When you find yourself caught in your head, “lost” in thought, take a breath and re-center to come back into connection and presence. As a daily practice, simply breathing into your length, width, depth and what you care about will become second nature to you, wherever you are.

After centering is the Post Process Quadrinity Check-

Checking in with your whole self daily is an act of self-love. With this practice, you develop your capacity to listen and be responsive to all aspects of your Quadrinity using non-judgmental awareness, compassion, and gratitude – to “tend and befriend.”

This is also a wonderful practice by which to bring yourself into balance and harmony. If you are struggling with inner conflict, or find that one aspect seems to dominate your decisions and actions, this is a great tool for hearing and honoring the needs of each aspect of your Quadrinity. Use the Quadrinity Check-In when you have an important decision to make, or as a routine practice each day.


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