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By Julie Daley

Happy New Year! It’s a brand new year. How did you say goodbye to 2020 and ring in 2021?

We decided to celebrate the turn of the year on the Hoffman Podcast by bringing together our two podcast co-hosts, Sharon Mor and Drew Horning, for an intimate conversation about their experiences as both Hoffman students and Hoffman teachers (and a bit about their experiences as co-hosts).

One of the defining characteristics of our Hoffman Podcast – Love’s Everyday Radius – is the exploration of how the transformation experienced in the Process now shows up in our podcast guests’ everyday lives, in how their love moves through their Everyday Radius. In the New Year’s Eve episode, both Drew and Sharon share one way they know that the Process lives inside of them.

“I know the Process lives inside of me because the single most important thing in my life is self-compassion. And that becomes the fulcrum by which my life goes well or not so well. The indicator is how kind am I being to myself. And, you can almost bet that when I’m struggling, it’s because I’m lacking self-compassion for my experience.”

“…it would be, for me, really surrendering to Spirit. Rather than trying to define, control, know what lies ahead – surrendering to Spirit. And, I know that sounds general or very vague, but it’s true. I’m used to defining things, I’m used to planning things, I’m used to controlling things, and this allowed me to let go into Spirit.”

In this intimate hour, Sharon and Drew share the most powerful and pivotal moments in their own Process. They explore what life was like before the Process. And, they share what life is like for them now as Hoffman teachers.

Spend this time with Sharon and Drew as they explore all things, Hoffman. Listen in on our Hoffman podcast page. You’ll also find the Hoffman Podcast – Love’s Everyday Radius on Apple/iTunes and other podcast hubs such as Spotify and Google Podcasts. You can subscribe on iTunes if you’d like to hear more of our episodes and be alerted when we release new ones each Thursday.

We’d love to know one way you know the Process lives inside of you! We invite you to share in the comments below what you would share with students on Thursday night. Let’s celebrate how the Process lives inside of us as we move into 2021.

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