By Renda A. Baird, aka “Renny the Minnesota Ripple” One month post-Hoffman Process, someone recently asked me seemingly simple questions – “Was it a REHAB?” And, “How has the Hoffman Process [...]


The Stories We Tell Ourselves

By Wrye Sententia As a writer, I’ve logged hundreds of hours tapping away on keyboards while drafting and writing plot lines, stories, and histories. Recently, I learned that old manual [...]


A Light That Helps Me Keep Coming Back

By Robin Taylor I was lucky enough to come to the Hoffman Process in 1996, at the age of 27. At the time, I was three years into my recovery from alcoholism and childhood sexual abuse. I was also [...]


Finding My Little Boy Who Was Lost

By Jason Beegle Over the years I had seen multiple therapists and pursued various modes of self-help. I had intellectually dug myself out of the “victim role” hell that I had been hiding in for [...]


Hoffman Couples Retreat

By Tami Tack (with loving support from her husband, Kim Worrall) How to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary? By spending a weekend together at White Sulphur Springs at a Hoffman Couples [...]


Integration: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Christine Falcon-Daigle Some say time and space are man-made constructs – that time is not linear and there is no such thing as past and future. However, the cycles of change – visible through [...]


This Is For You

By Lauren Palmieri I’ve reflected a lot this past summer about my journey at the Hoffman Process in the spring of 2017, and even more recently as I’ve experienced many changes, realizations, and [...]


The Transformational Power of the Hoffman Process

By Stanley Stefancic I first met Bob Hoffman through a mutual friend in the early ’80s. At that time, the Quadrinity Process (as it was known then) was a 13-week, non-residential course, but Bob [...]


Hoffman Graduate Leaders – Service to the Community

Hoffman graduate leaders are the front line for community after the Process. They are volunteers who help keep the Process alive for everyone who attends a graduate group. How does one become a [...]


Continue Your Work, Enrich the Planet

By Jobi Manson August 2017 is two years since I graduated from the Hoffman Process. When I think back to the events that led me to the program, and of the days leading up to orientation, I can [...]

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