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visioning for the new yearEach time we enter a new year, many people take on the task of making resolutions – visioning for the new year. People make resolutions to lose weight, be happier, change their career, move, find their soul mate. Whatever the dream is, people tend to want something better for themselves. We all want life to be easier and better, no matter how good it is right now.

Let’s Get Visioning for the New Year

Every year Hoffman offers a webclass (formerly teleclass) about visioning for the new year. This year’s webclass is no exception. The Create Your Vision webclass will be available live or recorded (you can listen any time to the recording; more information can be found here).

This webclass revisits many of the methods and visioning that are used during the week-long Hoffman Process and the 2-day Spirit Guided Visioning virtual program. The teacher-led class will help you find answers to “How do I get to where I want to go?”, “What do I want to do with my one precious life?”, or “How do I extract myself from this Dark Side rut?”

Tools – Practices – Right Road

We all need support sometimes, and this is a good time to join a Hoffman teacher, in community with other grads, to get that support and guidance. Along with getting some direction, you will also get to use some timely tools and revisit useful practices to help you get unstuck and on the Right Road to your vision.

Open to both Process grads and Essentials participants, everyone will get something from this webclass. Whether you’re ready to change your life drastically, or just want to fine-tune some little things, participating in a visioning program could be the key you need to unlock that door.

For more information, click here. To register, click here.

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