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A Practice of Appreciation and Gratitude can make the holiday season more joyous and light.

By Julie Daley

With the approach of Thanksgiving here in the United States, the holidays are upon us. Having a practice of appreciation and gratitude for yourself, others, the circumstances you are in, and your life in general is one of the many gifts of graduating from the Hoffman Process. After healing the pain of the past through the profound work we do at the Process, we are more able to truly see and appreciate the gifts of our lives, as well as the gifts we have to offer to this world. Even more lovely is what happens when we undertake a dedicated gratitude and appreciation practice.

Where and How to Do This Practice:

We want to make sure you’re well resourced with access to this powerful practice. To that end, we’re offering it in multiple places:

At the beginning of the pandemic, our Hoffman teaching team sprang into action to provide daily tools on Instagram so that we all could find a little more peace and light in these trying times. Closing in on two years later, a teacher or teacher candidate offers this Appreciation and Gratitude practice each day at 6:00 pm PT. No matter where you are in the world, you can join in with other grads, and non-grads as well, to complete your day in this way. (We also do morning Quadrinity Check-Ins at 8 am PT.)

In our new Hoffman app, you’ll find many different forms of the practice, such as A&G in Difficult Times, A&G with Smiles, and A&G as a child, to name a few.

You can download the practice here.

Screen shot of Marissa Ingrasci doing the Hoffman Gratitude and Appreciation practice on YouTube

Appreciation & Gratitude with Marissa Ingrasci

Lastly, we also offer this practice on YouTube for those of you who love to find great things to watch there. This hand-on-heart version with Hoffman teacher and coach Marissa Ingrasci is a beautiful one. While there, check out Hoffman’s other videos on various topics and subscribe to our channel.

We – the Hoffman staff, teachers, and teacher candidates – send our love and gratitude to you, our beautiful graduate community. Your presence in our community of light brings us joy and gratitude. We appreciate all you do to bring more love and light to the world and to support the Institute throughout the year.

May your days be filled with appreciation of and gratitude for all you hold dear.

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