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By Andy Milberg

Hoffman EssentialsTeaching the Hoffman Process online? How are we going to do that? And if we can’t, how can we serve people who are either interested in or already signed up for the Process?

As the pandemic developed and live courses had to be suspended, these were the questions we as the Hoffman faculty started asking. And answering. Ideas flowed freely and soon the design team was hard at work.

Hoffman Essentials Online

What they produced is not an online replacement for the 7-day Hoffman Process, but an amazing weekend course called Hoffman Essentials, a stand-alone course that offers value for anyone interested in discovering more about themselves, and learning tools and practices to enhancing their life.

Personally, I was hesitant about what it was going to be like to teach in a virtual classroom. For over 25 years, I’ve loved the experience of being present with three dimensional bodies, not a screen full of two-dimensional rectangles. At 71 years old, how was I going to learn and navigate the technical skills needed to effectively deliver the material and guide people who are seeking change during these challenging times?

It Measures Up

Would I, and this new offering, measure up to the standards the Hoffman Institute has been committed to for over 50 years?

After teaching the Hoffman Essentials course the past two weekends, I have the answer, and it is a resounding YES!

While I will not claim to be a Zoom expert yet, I learned enough to relax and express myself as a Hoffman teacher again, which I had been missing since the quarantine began. I only had one Internet glitch, getting bounced off when my connection hiccupped. My co-teacher quickly took over, and I made a smooth transition when I returned. Managing music, the chat, and leading a small group in a breakout room was relatively easy.

A Powerful Weekend

What was most important was how engaged the students were, and their participation. Their strong desire to learn and grow was obvious from the beginning. Although we could not go into the same depth as the 7-day course, the concepts we introduced and the experiences we led them through were extremely powerful. This was clearly reflected in their personal reports at the end of the weekend.

The follow up reunion call has confirmed that insights and changes continue to unfold, and they are getting more comfortable using the Hoffman tools and practices.

So, while “Hoffman Live” remains on hold, “Hoffman Online” will continue to help people learn and grow during these challenging times. And when we are teaching live again, this course, and others we have and that we are developing, will continue to be a valuable resource.

Andy Milberg did the Hoffman Process in 1990, and has been a teacher and coach since 1991. He is also a Certified Money Coach. Being part of the Hoffman Institute and supporting our amazing community of graduates has been his primary passion for these 30 years.

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