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Walt HubisWalt Hubis is a man who wears many hats. But more than this, Walt is someone who always considers how the work he does can be part of the solution to mend our world.

One hat Walt wears is that of Sound Engineer for the Hoffman Podcast. It’s because of Walt’s generosity and engineering skills that our podcast sounds great. He donates his time to support Love’s Everyday Radius.

By trade, Walt is an engineer and an artist. He is the father of two daughters, a grandfather, and the husband of  Hoffman teacher and coach, Jo Mattoon.

At the suggestion of his therapist at the time, Walt completed a vision quest first, prior to doing the Hoffman Process. He shares that the vision quest first helped him to really free up his intellect so he could get more out of the Process.

Walt started out in photography at nine years old when he discovered his grandfather’s photography equipment. He’s always had this ‘yin and yang’ of art and engineering playing out in him. We all benefit from his joy of both with his work on our podcast. Walt is responsible for the amazing sound quality of our podcast, as well as the intro music that he composes to complement each guest’s conversation.

Walt gives us some insight into what it’s like to be married to a Hoffman teacher. Together, both Walt and Jo want to work to create a better world as a couple – extending their love’s everyday radius. Walt holds down the home while Jo travels to lead the Hoffman Process. This way they both feel they are tending to the betterment of our world.

More About Walt Hubis

Walt and Jo live in the Denver Colorado area. He is a father to two daughters. Walt works for Micron Technology as a computer storage security architect. He enjoys producing electronic music and provides audio recording and editing services for the Hoffman Institute, including engineering for this Hoffman podcast.

Walt has worked as a professional photographer, earning his Electrical Engineering degree while working as a photographer for Colorado State University. His work includes travel photography of Europe and the US Southwest. Most recently he has been working on completing a photo essay of the prairie and the Sandhills of western Nebraska.

Learn more about Walt’s photography, and his creativity and technology work.

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