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By Shawn McAndrew

StPQuotesAfter the Process, I was so connected to my Spirit; I was in love with my classmates and my Self. I was in a place of new-found forgiveness and compassion – something I thought everyone should experience. I wondered about sharing the Process.

As I went back into my regular world, I kept thinking about how my siblings could benefit from the Process, or how certain friends would be happier if only they could get the same thing I had. But how would I talk about the Process? How do you tell someone, without sounding like an infomercial, that it is one of the greatest things they can do for themselves?

As Hoffman CEO Liza Ingrasci says, “Sharing your growth and healing is a valuable and precious gift for the people in your life.”

First off, “What is the Hoffman Process?” I’ve been asked that question hundreds of times. My initial response was, “A week-long course where one deals with their family of origin issues.” It’s a succinct answer, but it doesn’t describe the magic of discovery, the awareness of self.

I finally came up with this explanation:

After spending thousands of dollars on therapy, I discovered that there was a wall that kept me from happiness and success. I understood what that wall looked like, what it was made of, and what it felt like. Then I took the Hoffman Process. I was finally able to tear down that wall and move forward. The Process gave me the tools to identify obstacles that were keeping me from a better life, as well as practices to help me build my future – the life I wanted to live. I learned compassion and forgiveness and, ultimately, self-awareness.

We all have our own path in life, and sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand, or guide us, in order to stay or get back on that path.

Share your growth and healing with your loved ones. Give them that precious gift of guidance and courage. Sharing the Process is more than just words. It’s a way to a better life.

To learn more about Sharing the Process with someone you care about, please visit:
https://www.hoffmaninstitute.org/share-process/ and https://www.hoffmaninstitute.org/resources/

Through June 1st, your loved ones can also take $100 off the tuition for any open 2016 course.
Find out more here:

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