By Shawn McAndrew Community – it is what connects us, keeps us present, and helps us to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Community is part of being a Hoffman [...]


Hoffman Graduate Leaders – Service to the Community

Hoffman graduate leaders are the front line for community after the Process. They are volunteers who help keep the Process alive for everyone who attends a graduate group. How does one become a [...]


Continue Your Work, Enrich the Planet

By Jobi Manson August 2017 is two years since I graduated from the Hoffman Process. When I think back to the events that led me to the program, and of the days leading up to orientation, I can [...]


Two Hours of Transformation

By Frank Topper I am a fan of the Hoffman grad groups, a fan of community, and a fan of spiritual practice… I can’t work on myself alone because my world is a Left Road Dark Side Fantasy Land: [...]


50 Years Later, Bob Hoffman’s Dream Lives On

Bob Hoffman, founder of the Hoffman Process, had an innate and highly gifted ability to listen to deeper truths and wisdoms. It became his mission to figure out how to have more love in the world [...]


Learning to Embrace Change

by Tara Ellison Driving up to White Sulphur Springs for a one-week emotional detox at the Hoffman Process, I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. A mix of excitement and white-hot dread was [...]


A Trip To The Stars

By Darlene Niemeyer After 25 years in the career of court reporting, I retired in 2015. I became a student at the Healing Arts Center (HAC) in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated in the fall of [...]


Humorous Stories – A Recipe For Love

By Jeffery Camp Telling humorous stories was always a pattern behind which I hid my true feelings and discomfort in social situations. This pattern was on full display during my time in the [...]


The Power Of Love

By Shawn McAndrew Love: It is one of the strongest and most durable emotions that is brought forth in the Process. We rediscover it, reunite with it, and even find it. When we leave on that final [...]


When Change Happens

By Shawn McAndrew “When you’re serious about change” is not only Hoffman’s slogan indicating that we support and facilitate people making changes in their lives, it’s also about what we, as [...]

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