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By Shawn McAndrew

Visioning, road to your heart, empower your lifeWe use visioning a lot at the Hoffman Institute. In fact, the Process was born out of a vision that Bob Hoffman had to right the negative love patterns we all learned in childhood. But what is visioning, and how can it help empower your life?

Visioning is a practice where you bypass your intellect in order to connect and live in greater alignment with your spirit. Visioning is a means to an end, a way of setting the wheels in motion to actualize what you want. Albert Einstein said, “I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”

From the minute you sign up for the Hoffman Process, you are asked to think about what you want out of your week with us – to look at what your goals are, and what changes you want for yourself. By answering the questions on the pre-Process work, you start to formulate your vision. You review what hasn’t worked, and begin to understand why your life is the way it is and how to create something better for yourself.

During the Process, the teachers lead several different visualizations. There are visualizations that help you identify patterns; ones that help you break those patterns and “re-wire” your neural pathways for a more rich and rewarding life. Throughout the week, you have the opportunity to write out what you want for your life; you get to create how your life is going to unfold as you progress after the Process.

We at the Hoffman Institute have a vision. As Bob Hoffman put it: World peace, one person at a time. Every person here has a vision of assisting you in creating a better life for yourself. We have a vision of making the Process accessible to more people through the Scholarship Fund. Each teacher visualizes love, compassion, and forgiveness for every person in that classroom, as well as amazing breakthroughs and empowering your healing.

Throughout your lifetime, you may create hundreds of visions – a better job, the perfect home, a loving family, where you want to live. The number of visions that can be created is infinite.

But having a visioning practice is important. It helps you clear the clutter, making your vision more pure and from your spirit – the important piece in all of this work is alignment with Spirit. When you are in alignment with your spirit, your vision is the fuel that impels you.

To create a vision for your life, or get a refresher on visioning, please visit our Practices resource page here.
Or, listen to a guided audio tool here here.
You can also call the Hoffman office at 800-506-5253 to speak with an enrollment counselor or set up a coaching session with a teacher of your choice.

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