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As we pull together all the fabulous panelists and presenters for the first-ever Hoffman Virtual Conference, we’re pondering these questions.

Transformation Curious

Transformation curiousTransformation is about change, metamorphosis, transition, alteration, evolution. Being transformation curious means we may be questioning our belief systems, the systems we put in place from our early childhood and which were mainly unconscious or implicit. These systems – how we interact with others, how we react to things, how we are in the world – often reflect or mirror the behaviors we used in order to survive childhood. As adults, these systems can become onerous or a disservice to our being in the world.

Embodying Change

The Hoffman Institute is dedicated to supporting and assisting individuals in making conscious shifts to these systems so we can become vibrant, aware, and responsible adults. In the Process, we learn positive ways to embody change and take in, contain, personify, and hold new ways of being. Whether these changes are fundamental, all encompassing, or by taking baby steps, they help us redraw our life map and enable us to be more resilient and action oriented, not reactive.

Connected to Spirit

Being resilient and ready comes through connection to Spirit. Through awareness, knowing, guidance and being our true self, we can attune to our body, mind, and emotions and be present in the moment, not acting out our past or future tripping. Being connected to Spirit allows us to listen to our true guidance, our voice or sensation of knowing the truth. This is the beacon to follow during life’s challenges.

Serious About Change

If you’re serious about change, you are likely transformation curious. Change is not easy, but it is a constant in the dance of life. It gives us the chance to alter, rewire, improve, and be responsible for our lives. As we become conscious of and disconnected from our old systems, we become aligned with our authentic self and navigate life from a more response-able place of awareness, not reactivity.

If you’re transformation curious, or even transformation proactive, check out the offerings for the Hoffman Virtual Conference. There’s pretty much something for everyone!

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