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Your HeartBy Raz Ingrasci

Your heart is ready to open. You want to experience more light, love, and connection than you ever thought possible. But how can you do it if you’ve spent years keeping your heart locked away and protected? We’ve all known states of flow and ease, when we feel whole, balanced and full of a loving, powerful energy. Who doesn’t wish they could feel this way all the time?

It can be tempting to shortcut the steps of personal growth by identifying with lovely things found on the surface of life, while continuing to distance ourselves from what exists inside for fear of what we’ll find. We might seek the sort of happiness that comes from money, success, status and objects, but – while this can feel fulfilling for a time – this type of surface happiness doesn’t last.

Transformation is Effective & Long-Lasting

For Hoffman Process graduates, transformation is effective and long-lasting because it happens differently. On the Process path we learn that the elements that make up our troubling dark side and our loving light side are not really opposites, but are, in fact, connected. Many of us have found some of our most powerful, life-affirming experiences by having endured pain and misfortune.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we are called upon to face and heal our wounded hearts and begin to embrace our successful, joyful, authentic selves. To do so, we need to become acquainted with that dark side of our personality that we learned early in life to keep hidden. The question is – how do we engage with that early life material in a way that transforms our suffering rather than send us further into it. We want to blossom, not wither on the vine!

In the late 1960s, Bob Hoffman began devising the Hoffman Process, a program of emotional and spiritual re-education to help us understand and transform our patterns of suffering. In the Process, the origins of our persistent suffering are brought to light in a safe, respectful and confidential setting, and the transformation begins on deep emotional and spiritual levels.

Your Heart in Bloom

The Hoffman Process is so effective because, right from the start, participants learn to identify and experience their wise, compassionate and loving “Spiritual Self” and the all-powerful “Light.” This spiritual energy is then brought to shine on the unwanted patterns that are causing so much difficulty. The emotional hurts that were caused by a lack of unconditional love in childhood can heal only in the presence of the love that comes from deep within and beyond one’s self.

During the Process, healing occurs and is reinforced by experiencing forgiveness toward the parents of our childhood who unwittingly passed their pain onto us. There is great relief for many Process participants who, after years of feeling anger, resentment or avoidance, now find a sense of compassion and love for one’s self, others, and for the parents of their childhood.

The Hoffman Process is a contemporary “hero’s journey,” a healing of the past and an empowering initiation into your new reality. As you are released from the unwanted emotions of the past, you move into a way of being that is more free, open, loving, and spontaneous.

Your heart blooms and, finally, it’s possible to live from your heart and be your best self!

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in 2015. The subject matter is as relevant today as it was then.

  • Cali


    07/01/15 at 6:12 PM

    I awoke… the message: “you need to go to the Hoffman Institute”… “Now”!
    My Goal: Release the Past.. Embrace the Now.. Fully~ with Love.. Compassion.. Forgiveness..
    Embrace your aged Mother.. with Love.. Compassion.. Forgiveness.. she knew not what she had done..
    I Am Free.. Thank You~ Hoffman…

  • Denise Turrisi


    07/01/15 at 4:42 PM

    I graduated from the Hoffman Process in July 2012. I urge anyone reading this article today to consider it your personal invitation to attend the Process. Period. A leap of faith, a serendipitous happening — whatever words you put to it, the timing is NOW.
    As a single parent of four daughters, and a challenging relationship with my own mom for years, I returned from the Process with the freedom and desire to engage with my mother in conversation in ways I never knew were available to me. I finally can meet her where she is, and while I always will want for her to be different in some ways, between us we are enjoying now the best possible peaceful loving relationship.
    I am a better — no, best — mom since Hoffman. I learned self-care, self-love, and self-preservation. I honor myself and offer to myself compassion. In so learning these glorious gifts, I now know how to parent not from guilt or martyrdom, which serves neither of us, but rather compassion and love. There is no longer the constant thread of tension that once existed, or strain of mother-daughter angst. Because of the Hoffman Process I broke the patterns I thought, not purposefully, repeated from my parents. I was a critical parent. I no longer criticize. This was also a pattern in my relationships with men. I now love with an open heart. The Hoffman Process will impact every domain of living.
    So, CLICK on Hoffman Process. Although I live on the East Coast I chose the St. Helena campus. It is extraordinary. The friendships also that have endured since July of 2012 are remarkable. I will let the Institute know that I am reachable if anyone chooses to speak with me on a personal basis about Why Hoffman, NOW.
    Join us. I urge you.

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