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By Freddie Camozzi

Our son called us at 1:00 in the afternoon and asked, “Have you guys been home?” When we replied, “No, why do you ask?”, he said, “Because the laptop is gone.”

That led to a proverbial treasure hunt … asking him to go from room to room and report what was missing, including the jewelry box I thought I had so cleverly hidden, with heirlooms from my mom, grandmother, and “my crazy friend Marsha,” who had recently passed.

My husband and I quickly returned home and called the San Francisco Police Department to report the burglary. A sergeant or two came out to our house 5 and a half hours later (!) to take a report, and following them, the Crime Scene Investigation team came, looking for finger prints and signs of entry. As all of this was unfolding, our neighbor’s wife (who speaks very little English) came over to explain that she had heard noises earlier that day coming from the back of our house.

A Glimmer of Hope

Sometime after dinner, the same neighbor came back over to our house and motioned for us to follow her to their house. We went through their garage, to the back of the house, where we found her husband and son looking down on the floor at a white plastic bag with my jewelry box in it along with a few items of my husband’s that had gone missing. Everyone started speaking at once when we got there. I identified my jewelry box and asked “Where did you find it?” The husband of our neighbor pointed furiously at his son and said, “It’s him, he stole your things!” Of course, the son denied any wrongdoing; his mom was on her knees in a gesture of begging our forgiveness, and the dad was yelling at me to call the police.

when spirit catches youMy heart was pounding out of my chest and my husband was rendered completely dumbfounded. We’d lived next door to this family for over 25 years, this son and their other children had grown up with our son. It was pretty obvious what had occurred. I was speechless and shaking. The dad repeatedly yelled, “Freddie, you have to call the police – he’s a bad kid; drugs and alcohol!”

When Spirit Catches You

Before I could think of what to say, I found myself reaching out to the Dad with a hug and saying, “What he needs is help.”

In hindsight, I am a bit shocked that I didn’t reach for my phone and even a bit embarrassed that I went in for a hug. What was I thinking? I should have taken a picture of the scene, I should have called the sergeant and told him to come back, I should have … When I re-examined the scenario through the lens of my Quadrinity, I realized that my actions were led by Spirit. And (!) what really shocked me was that I let my Spirit lead me.



    01/09/20 at 2:01 PM

    The Soul never lies and will always guide you if you are open to getting guidance that will allow alignment with your highest self. I’m so proud of you. Like my favorite author Dr. Sha who is the author of Greatest Forgiveness….Forgiveness brings inner peace and inner joy” May the new year bring you lots of Peace and Joy.

  • Diane DeChant


    01/06/20 at 2:48 PM

    What a heart-led, heart-opening experience that turned out to be. 🙂

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