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The Process is a powerful week that heals and transforms people who are serious about change.

basic toolsAs graduates, we’ve experienced the power of the Process and returned home changed. What happens, though, once we enter back into our lives? And what is available to support us in continuing the deep work in which we’ve so courageously engaged?

Confident, conscious choice is supported when we use the basic tools of the Process. As we move forward making choices that support the change we long for and the vision we hold for our lives, we learn to trust the “Cycle of Transformation: Four Steps to Change.” With each step of the cycle, we move toward more light and more love.

Hoffman’s Basic Tools teleclass is a great way to refamiliarize yourself with the fundamental tools of the Process. With the Cycle of Transformation, you’ll enjoy this interactive call designed to re-engage you to your Process, strengthen your use of the tools, and transform your patterns.

Hoffman supports your work with ongoing opportunities. There are many ways to continue on and encourage your journey of transformation – our teleclasses allow you to learn and grow alongside other graduates virtually. They can be attended live or by recording.

Register here and come prepared with your questions and ready to transform some patterns.

Please Note: If you want to attend the live class, please register by 2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern the day of the teleclass in order to receive the confirmation email in time. If you need more information about enrolling in a teleclass, please call us at 800-506-5253.

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